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9 Home Lighting Design Ideas

Create your dream home with our electrical services team in Craigieburn. We have worked on many different projects and within tight budgets and extravagant budgets. We know what’s safe, what works, and where to source the best home lighting design ideas.

We’ve put together a list of home lighting ideas to help with your lighting design projects and to shine a light on some of the great lighting solutions available in today’s market.

1.Drum pendants for a contemporary look

Introduce some modern style into an established kitchen with the use of drum pendants.  Drum pendants are available in all types of colours, textures, and sizes. Use metal for an industrial look or rattan for a beach house. Our electrician can ensure you have the right number and placement of electrical cables to wire the lights taking into consideration food preparation areas and how you use the kitchen. Task lighting options can be updated at the same time so that you have workspace that not only looks stylish but is also practical.

2.Give your entertainment spaces versatile lighting options

Our electrical services team in Craigieburn can install a variety of lighting styles in your entertaining space. If you entertain a lot, you’ll appreciate having versatile lighting options available – a dinner party with close friends requires a different ambience to a large family gathering at Christmas or your teens’ year 12 party, for example.


String lights are subtle, easy to install and create an enchanting atmosphere. Use landscape lighting to highlight your swimming pool, specimen trees, or sculptures in your garden. Alternatively, use wayfinding lights that are closer to ground level so that visitors are guided around the garden at night and don’t stray into your pond or through your lovingly-tended garden beds.

4.Bedroom lighting

Bring starry night lighting into a child’s bedroom to create a sense of wonder and magic, and to help comfort those children who don’t like completely dark rooms. Our electricians can install fibre optic lighting within the ceiling cavity for a neat and safe result. All bedrooms benefit from lighting that can be controlled from bed. Use wall lamps in bedrooms where beds and furniture aren’t likely to be moved or bedside lamps for flexibility.

5.Walk-in wardrobes

Locating items hiding at the back of dark shelves and compartments can be time-consuming and frustrating. Bring lighting to dark corners by installing directed spotlights and cabinet lights. A sensor light at the entrance to your wardrobe can be a really convenient addition to your walk-in wardrobe entrance also.


Lighting fixtures contribute to making your home’s first impression. Use pendant and wall lighting that complements the rest of your home’s décor to set the scene for people entering your home.


Small inset lights on a staircase create atmosphere as well as helping to light the way. Our electricians work with your building team to create beautiful and functional results.


Recessed fixtures are great for bringing light to baths and showers, and sconce lights fixed on either side of the bathroom mirror are best for giving light without casting shadows. Heat lamps are great on cold winter days and also help dry out the wettest room in the house.


Install dimmer switches so you can brighten and dim your lighting as required. Use down lights and directed lights to highlight artwork. As you can see, lighting design can be quite complex with lots of planning required to achieve the best results. Our electrical services team in Craigieburn are design and installation specialists.

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