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Downlights Installation Lighting For Day To Day Living

Good lighting design considers the spaces in your home and how the people in the home use those spaces. Considerations like the orientation of your living and sleeping zones in relation to the sun are easily assessed. But we like to dig a little deeper to find out how you and the members of your family currently use your living spaces and how they’re likely to be used in the future. The toddler who currently has an afternoon nap in the southern side of the house may well be using that same room to study late into the night when completing VCE, so of course the lighting needs will be different. The strategic placing of downlights for day to day living, for example, to augment existing lighting fixtures can enhance a space and give you much more flexibility for current and future use.

Consider how each space is used

We consider lots of elements when designing and preparing lighting solutions. We measure the room dimensions and note existing framework and any impediments to installation. We consider the size of each room or space and select the best proportions and sizes to achieve a harmonious design.

We then consider how the room is used and by whom. For living rooms where relaxing and socialising is its main use, we suggest softer lighting that uses warm globes to impart a comforting and relaxed atmosphere. For kitchens and study areas, we recommend focused or directed lighting in addition to standard lights so that adequate lighting is available. You can influence the mood in these rooms too by using cool white coloured LED lights.

Retrofitting downlights to enhance existing ambience

We’re often asked to retrofit downlights and we have worked with many challenging layouts.  Our goal is to achieve practicality as well as fluid, harmonious design. We have a great team for downlight installation in Craigieburn who can solve your lighting challenges. Downlights are popular because they are unobtrusive – they sit flush with your ceiling and are a lovely complement to minimalist style décor.

Downlights are the best option for a low ceiling as they don’t intrude further into the room. They also use less energy than halogen and traditional lights. We can design a downlight solution for any space and our downlight installation team in Craigieburn can retrofit downlights to enhance your existing lighting.

Benefits of downlights for day to day living

LED downlights are a great choice of globe and system as they have many benefits. They are efficient and use less electricity than globes. They are safe too because they are shock resistant and they don’t heat up like halogen lights do for example. Hot globes can lead to fires if poorly managed or located near flammable materials. Our downlight installation team in Craigieburn can assist if you have any building challenges.

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