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Complement your Space with Professional Downlight Installation

Switchboards & Undergrounds

Orion Electrical and Lighting Design in Craigieburn provide complete underground power services, including re-installing overhead supplies to underground, connecting new buildings, sheds, ​​installing and commissioning new main switchboards, sub boards and distribution boards, and more. Our company offers a complete in-house service with trenching equipment, electrical workers, and connections. Designed to your specific underground mining requirements, we provide specialist expertise to ensure your underground mine is operating at its full potential. We comply 100% with Wiring Rules AS3000 and AS3008 for our cable selection to obtain a high level of safety and quality.

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Do you want to improve the lighting in your home? Orion Electrical and Lighting Design are available to perform downlight installation in your home. Our qualified electricians will cut holes into the ceiling to house them, wiring will need to be connected to each of the lights, and a wall switch will be installed to operate them, all of which can only be performed by a licensed electrician. Our Craigieburn based company will ensure that your downlight installation is handled correctly and will be safe for our customers to use upon completion of the job.

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The more power that is used by lights and electrical items, the higher your electricity bill will be. Orion Electrical and Lighting Design use smart wiring methods for our Extra Low Voltage (ELV) and Low Voltage (LV) power as we consider every corner and how we can create the most efficient way for you to save money. We provide an affordable service that will continue to allow you to pay less for your electricity.

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