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Top Trends In Commercial Lighting Design

Architects, builders, and interior designers contemplate many factors when creating new commercial activity spaces. They have to consider the safety of the occupants, how a building looks and feels, and have consideration for environmental and sustainability objectives. Where possible, designers will make the best use of natural light and then augment spaces with adequate lighting to support a business’s competitive edge, productivity, and innovation. Check out our top commercial lighting trends design for 2019.

Hire our electricians based in Craigieburn to achieve successful lighting design for your commercial venture. We have the experience and know-how to create lighting schemes that inspire sales, productivity, and help people enjoy their commercial spaces in the Ivanhoe, Doncaster, Greenvale, and Craigieburn areas.

Quality light

People have become accustomed to experiencing sophisticated light and colour rendering. Pick up any smart phone and look at how digital technology has advanced. The bar has been raised and people expect the same quality of lighting and tones in their environments. We are more attuned to colour temperature (warm and cool tones) and less tolerant of glare. Manufacturers are meeting this commercial lighting trends by producing better quality light that also meets demand for energy saving.

Smart lighting

It is now standard practice to incorporate smart lighting features in commercial buildings. Sensor lights that turn on and off depending on activity are commonplace. Smart lighting technology allows for better energy consumption leading to big savings on energy bills. In-built sensors can now track temperature levels, room occupancy, and weigh up energy demands to deliver the most efficient results.

We are starting to see the oft-discussed idea of the Internet of Things (IoT) manifest in the real world through the uptake in use of lighting systems that can be controlled via smartphones and apps. Contact our electrician in Craigieburn for our services for advice on installing smart lighting options.

Interactive lighting

As technology evolves and new ideas promote creative use of technology, we start to realise the potential for all kinds of applications and uses in lighting.

Interactive lighting is emerging as a hot new trend. Help your customers make better purchasing decisions by changing the lighting to replicate the real life uses of products. Use interactive lighting to turn a car showroom into a night sky and show off your car’s night-driving features. Allow your customers to try on and view their garments or make up in various lights – natural, disco, etc.

As you can see there is unlimited scope for creativity in ways to help your customers. Our electrician can brainstorm and explore ideas with you.

Retro fitting

As technology evolves existing commercial buildings are playing catch-up with their new competitors by retro-fitting their lighting systems. Our electrician can provide advice and undertake retro-fitting work to ensure your commercial activity remains modern and competitive.

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