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    A fuse is a safety device. It is a small, thin conductor that is designed to melt and separate in the event of an electrical current overload. This, in turn, breaks the circuit and stops the flow of electricity. If left unattended, a blown fuse can spark a house fire. If you’re concerned about electrical faults within your property, get in touch with our team of licensed electricians. We can check the electrical integrity of your house to ensure your family’s safety.

    How to Tell if a Fuse is Blown

    If a fuse blows, it will trigger a circuit breaker and cut power to your house. If you’re home when this happens, you will notice the power outage, and you might check the meter box. However, if you’re not home when this happens, the blown electrical fuse may remain undetected until you attempt to turn on the affected circuit. This is why we recommend regular inspections of your meter box. 

    A functioning fuse contains a thin piece of wire within a transparent glass casing. A blown fuse will show a visible gap in this wire and a dark or metallic smudge inside the glass. 

    Common Reasons for a Blown Fuse

    Three common reasons for a blown fuse in your house are:

    Overloaded system: Drawing too much electricity at once by using multiple appliances on one circuit simultaneously.

    Incompatible wiring: The wiring in older homes may not have the capacity for the demands of modern appliance usage and electricity consumption. If you have an older home and your power keeps tripping, consider rewiring for safety and energy efficiency.   

    The wrong fuse was installed: There are many different types and sizes of fuses. Installing the wrong one can be dangerous. This issue needs the attention of an electrician.  

    Other causes of a blown fuse include circuit breaker issues, short circuits caused by faulty wiring, and moisture build-up within the fuse box. 

    Some blown fuses are a straightforward DIY fix with safety measures in place. However, if you regularly experience blown fuses in your house, we recommend you contact an electrician, as this may indicate an unseen problem in your house wiring, which can impact your family’s safety. 

    Safety Tips for a Blown Fuse

    Blown fuse repair can be as simple as replacing the damaged fuse with a new one we discuss these steps below. However, it is important to note that It is mandatory for Blown Fuse repairs to be undertaken by qualified, licensed electricians in Victoria.

    1. Unplug all devices, switch off the lights and turn the power supply to your home off.
    2. Unscrew the blown fuse and replace it with a RCD (residual current device) as per the AS3000 standards, this must be done by a qualified electrician.
    3. Turn the power supply to your home back on and systematically check your lights, appliances, and devices.

    Call an emergency electrician to organise a safety check if your electrical safety switches will not reset to the ‘on’ position.

    If you suspect a blown fuse, or if your power keeps tripping, it is essential to contact your local electrician.

    Orion Electrical is Your Go-to Emergency Electrician

    At Orion Electrical, we’re here to help maintain the efficiency of your home’s electricity needs and protect your family from electrical faults. We offer competitive rates and high-quality service that complies with Australian Standards. Our licensed Melbourne electricians are available 24/7 for emergency services. Give us a call if you require a blown fuse repair or fuse replacement, and protect your family from electrical shock.

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