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Residential Electrician

Residential Electrician


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    Residential Electrician

    Brighten your Melbourne home with exceptional residential lighting solutions provided by Orion Electrical and Lighting Design. Our seasoned electricians are adept at creating sophisticated lighting designs that not only illuminate your spaces but also enrich your living experience. Whether you desire perfect mood lighting or need prompt repairs for electrical issues, Orion is your trusted partner.

    Lighting Solutions by Orion

    Indulge in the ambiance of well-curated lighting in your home. At Orion, we thrive on transforming everyday spaces into exquisite living experiences. Our proficient electricians are skilled in installing mood lighting that sets the right tone for every room, ensuring your home shines in the perfect light, always.

    Our Residential Electrical Services include:

    Downlight Installation

    Downlights are recessed lighting fixtures popular in kitchens and bathrooms, and some bedrooms. With LED technology, they are bright and extremely economical.

    Because they are installed flush to the ceiling, they can be tricky to install and change. Licensed electricians, like the crew at Orion, are the best people to fix and install downlights in your home.

    Light installation

    The team at Orion can install any kind of light fitting you desire. If you’re after some statement pieces for the dining room, subtle lighting for the bedroom, or a chandelier for the living room, Orion can match the lighting with the light bulbs, and install everything for you, hassle-free.

    Home lighting repair

    We install lights, and we also repair them too. If you have a wiring problem or something with the light fixture breaks, call on your reliable friends at Orion. We’ll come around as quickly as possible and assess the problem and give you a solution that is cost-effective and quick to complete.

    Melbourne’s Leading Residential Electricians

    Orion extends beyond lighting to offer a wide array of residential electrical services. Our expertise encompasses handling various electrical challenges, ensuring your home remains safe and your electrical systems function optimally.

    Other residential electrical services:

    If you encounter some electrical problems in your home- the sound of buzzing, or the smell of burning when you flick a switch, before you think- could an electrician help me with this? You should call Orion and find out. We can help with many electrical problems, such as:

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    From downlight installation to solar power installation, our residential electricians are here to assist with your household electrical needs. Our certified electricians will ensure that your installation is handled correctly and will be safe for you to use as we comply with Australian Standards AS3000 and AS3008.

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    Orion understand that not all electrical issues happen at convenient times, but the importance of getting your power back immediately is crucial both for business operations and in the home.

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