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Safety Switch Failure


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    2022 02 08

    The installation and maintenance of electrical safety switches in your home are essential. Safety switches are compulsory in all new homes and during renovations on older homes. If you’re unsure about your safety switch situation, don’t stay in the dark. Get in touch with Orion Electrical, and one of our certified electricians will conduct a safety check for you.

    What does a safety switch do?

    Suppose an electrical current is leaking from an appliance or within its wiring. In that case, a safety switch will quickly cut the power supply to protect you from a dangerous electrical shock. 

    A safety switch is mandatory for every electrical circuit in your home (AS3000). Lighting, power points, and hardwired devices such as dishwashers, washing machines, and toasters are connected to different electrical circuits within your home’s wiring. Having multiple safety switches means you can isolate a fault within a specific circuit. This way, your whole house doesn’t go into dark mode because of a fault within one appliance.   

    However, simply having electrical safety switches installed isn’t enough. They can only protect you if they are in proper working order.

    How to Tell if a Safety Switch is Failing

    You can test your safety switches by completing the following steps:

    1. Hit the ‘T’ (for test) button on one safety switch.
    2. Your safety switch should move to the ‘off’ position, and you should hear a ‘clunking’ noise. 
    3. When you go inside, note which lights or appliances are now off – this means that particular safety switch protects them.
    4. Turn the safety switch back to the ‘on’ position.
    5. If the safety switch does not stay in the ‘on’ position, or you don’t hear a ‘clunking’ sound when it turns off, the safety switch has failed. 
    6. If the safety switch has failed, it has identified a problem in your electrical wiring or appliances. You must contact an emergency electrician. 
    7. Repeat these steps for each safety switch.

    We recommend testing your electrical safety switches every three months.

    Common Reasons for Safety Switch Failure

    If you’re wondering what causes safety switch failure, here are some common culprits:

    • – Faulty electrical appliances
    • – Overloaded power boards
    • – Home wiring faults
    • – Water within the electrical circuit
    • – Possible faulty switch

    Call an emergency electrician to organise a safety check if your electrical safety switches will not reset to the ‘on’ position.

    Tips to Avoid Electrical Overload

    Electrical overload is costly when it comes to paying your bills and can compromise your family’s safety. To avoid electrical overload and make sure your electricity consumption is efficient, follow these tips:

    • – Contact your local electrician to do a safety check of your wiring.
    • – Understand the electrical structure of your home. 
    • – Don’t use high-consumption appliances from the same powerpoint simultaneously.
    • – Invest in energy-saving appliances.
    • – Consider rewiring your house to handle electricity demands more efficiently and safely.

    Safety Switch Repair and Installation with Orion Electrical

    Orion Electrical offers competitive rates and high-quality services that comply with Australian Standards. Our licensed Melbourne electricians are available 24/7 for emergency services. Give us a call if you’re looking for help with a failing safety switch in Victoria or other safety switch electrical services, including an audit of your current switches.

    You need an emergency electrician! Call now: 0488 204 480

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