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    Healthcare Service

    Orion’s medical electricians provide a full range of medical related electrical services for hospitals, dental clinics, doctors practices, nursing homes and all other medical centres ranging from body-protected electrical work to operating theatres.

    The medical industry relies heavily on high-quality electricals to ensure the safety of patients. High caution must always be exercised when working with electricity and human life in order to avoid electric shock. Our fully licenced electricians comply 100% with Australian Standards and use 10mA RCD protection in order to provide a high level of safety and quality for you and your patients.

    AS 2500: Guide to the safe use of electricity in patient care.
    This standard requires that all patient areas are body-protected as a minimum. We comply with AS 2500 and ensure all electrical equipment and installations allow patient and operator safety.

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    AS 3003: electrical installations in patient areas

    This standard is for electricians installing or undertaking alterations, additions and repairs to patient electrical areas that are classified as body protected or cardiac protected. We comply with AS 3003.

    We specialise in:
    • Complete Strip Out Cabling
      Complete Strip Out Cabling to Up to the Standards
    • Medical Body Protected Area
      Medical Body Protected Area
    • Cardiac ICU
      Cardiac ICU
    • Day procedure rooms
      Day procedure rooms
    • Operating theatres
      Operating theatres

    If you have any electrical emergencies or faults in your clinic or hospital, our emergency electrician will ensure to have your medical equipment back up and running as soon as possible, in order to minimise any disruptions to your business. We understand the importance of keeping your operation running at all times.

    Orion’s certified electricians have been serving Melbourne’s medical centres for 4 years, so we can guarantee the job is done to a high standard and is suitable for your clients. We pride ourselves on professionalism, workmanship and friendliness.

    Contact us today on 0488 204 480 for any electrical and lighting requirements for your medical centre.

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    Orion understand that not all electrical issues happen at convenient times, but the importance of getting your power back immediately is crucial both for business operations and in the home.

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