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5 Reasons To Hire An Emergency Electrician

It can be difficult to make the decision to hire an emergency electrician. You may feel like your problem isn’t important or serious enough to call someone out immediately or you may think that you are only dealing with a little problem that can wait. We would like you to reconsider how you make decisions around when to call an emergency electrician.

House fires caused by electrical problems are a very serious issue. Over 100 people die each year in Australia in house fires caused by electrical faults. These are deaths that could have been prevented. You should have the number of your local emergency electrician prominently displayed on your fridge so that you can immediately call for advice and help when electrical faults occur. We are a 24-hour electrician in Craigieburn ready to help.

1. Faulty wiring

Qualified professional electricians know what they are doing and are careful to adhere to all best practice installation guidelines and safety procedures. Many do-it-yourself’ers think that they can do electrical repair and maintenance work and we have many houses in Australia where DIY’ers have unwittingly created dangerous conditions.  Faulty wiring can cause electric shock and house fires. Don’t ever try to do repair work yourself no matter how many times you’ve YouTubed it. Electricians are trained and know how to install and repair electrical systems and are monitoring many different factors when they look at wiring systems. Faulty wiring is like a ticking time bomb – we suggest you call an emergency 24 hours electrician in Craigieburn if you suspect there is any faulty wiring in your home.

2.Overloaded extension cord

Overloading extension cords is a common problem. Every man and his dog (or should that read ‘every teen and his iPhone’ for example) is looking for a power outlet to recharge their batteries.  Extension cords plugged into other extension cords can unwittingly exceed the current rating for the appliance and can cause the plug into the power outlet to overheat and eventually catch fire.  Call a 24-hour electrician to install more power points (safely) in your home.

3.Faulty appliances

Over extended periods of time, heat build-up can cause damage to wiring, fuses, and circuit breakers. Sometimes faulty appliances draw more current than they’re designed to, but they don’t trip the circuit breaker or blow a fuse because they’ve already been damaged. If an appliance doesn’t seem to be operating properly and you feel any heat from the cord, unplug it immediately and call a 24-hour electrician.

4.Faulty electrical connection points

Electricity generates heat when it flows from one point to another. Proper wiring is designed to deal with this and prevents electricity from building up in your electrical system. You may have loose power outlets or switches that create more heat than they should. Call an electrician immediately to get the problem corrected.

5.Water damage

If you have had any water leaks or damage in your home, call an electrician immediately. Water can damage wiring and is a major risk.

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