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Electrical and Lighting Design Doncaster, Victoria

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Electrical and Lighting Design Doncaster, Victoria

Recently we were contracted by one of our clients in Doncaster for a residential lighting design and installation service.

Unique and high quality indoor lighting design is one of the fastest and most effective ways to transform the home and add a sense of ambience.

Defining the mood of a room comes down to the lighting, and it is essential that if you are considering switching up the lighting design in your home, that you hire a certified electrician.

Our client was after a sense of ambience and comfort for her Doncaster home.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that the lighting design agrees with our clients desired colour scheme of the home and overall mood and atmosphere.

For this particular job we installed overhead reading lights on the bed frame. These lights offer functionality yet also style and were perfect for the desired atmosphere.

These lights are subtle and a style and the functionality easily adds value to the entire property.

We believe lighting design should stand out and make a statement in the home. Our client had a fantastic high ceiling above the staircase, which allowed for the perfect statement lighting.

To match the monochrome and modern colour scheme of the home, we installed 2 sets of fantastic modern lantern style lighting.

Being the focal point from both storeys of the home, the set of lanterns modernised the home and definitely added the sense of ambience our client was after.

Overhanging ceiling lights is a feature that can be difficult to not only design, but also to install. It is essential if you are interested in residential lighting installation that you hire a licensed electrician.

Hire Orion Electricians for Lighting Design, Doncaster. For any queries on our services, feel free to contact Orion Electrical and Lighting Design for a quote! At Orion Electrical and Lighting Design our other services include 24/7 electrical support, solar installation and commercial electrical services.

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