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How To Determine A Quality Electrician

It can be difficult to know who to call when you need an electrician. If you have moved into an established home and have never had cause to use an electrician, you can try a variety of methods to find one. You could google electricians in your area, you could try asking friends for recommendations, or you could risk an inundation of opinions on a Facebook community noticeboard and finish up offending everyone because you didn’t give the job to their brother/husband/father. Of course, you might be lucky and find an electrician who comes well regarded, but how do you know if they are a good electrician and will deliver the quality work you expect and pay for?

Characteristics of a good electrician

There are certain characteristics that all good electricians possess. Number one is to possess the level of intelligence required to understand mathematics and algebra. These areas of study form the basis for being able to problem solve when undertaking electrical work.

A good electrician can also read and understand blueprints and plans for the various worksites they visit. They will also be able to write clear instructions and convey what’s required in a way that leaves no room for misunderstanding.

Lastly, they will need critical thinking and problem-solving skills so that they can use the safest and best approach when designing and repairing electrical systems. They should also have a good amount of curiosity, which is necessary for staying on top of current practices and trends in building design and innovations. All of these factors require a good level of intelligence and when you’re looking for a quality electrician Craigieburn we suggest you look for these traits.

Technical skills

A good electrician has regard for work health and safety legislation and practices. They won’t be messy and will ensure that they and their team work safely on site. They will have a comprehensive understanding of safety codes, laws, and procedures. In addition to their commitment to safe work practices they will have good technical skills for using a variety of tools such as drills and knowing which pliers to use for each application.

Good people skills

You’ll know a good electrician by their people skills. This doesn’t mean being a loud and convincing salesmen, but being a good listener and treating clients with respect. A good electrician will tell you exactly what the problem is and tell you as accurately as possible how much a job will cost. They will act professionally at all times on site and prove themselves to be trustworthy by turning up when they say they are going to and keeping you informed of unexpected issues as they arise.

Run their business professionally

This can be a challenging area for many tradespeople, but it is vital that this aspect of working life is under control. A good electrician will either have good administrative skills and good invoicing and tax management systems in place, or they will employ a competent bookkeeper to do it for them. We are a quality electrician service in Craigieburn who employ the best electricians and adhere to professional business administration practices.

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