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Commercial Electrician South Melbourne

Safe and hard-wearing electrical connections involve clean, accurate wire stripping. So if your commercial property needs an electrician South Melbourne based, Orion has the qualified professionals to handle these types of meticulous jobs.

Our licensed electricians recently stripped out cabling at an office in South Melbourne and installed safe electrical system power and lighting.

We know how important it is to make sure your office or commercial building is a safe environment for your staff. Prior to Orion installing new safe electrical power system, our client had cabling from the 1950s which poses a risk of a potential fire or electrocution. The 1950s saw electrical installations covered in lead and rubber and insulated by wiring covered in cotton, which unless it has properly been repaired or replaced, may have a serious risk as a fire hazard.

Nowadays safety standards are far more stringent than back in the 1950s and these methods certainly are no longer considered the safest approach to installations. Modern innovations have implemented materials including arc-fault circuit interrupters to protect against fire and shock by sensing current fluctuation in flow and eliminates power before a problem arises. Our commercial electrician’s fitting of a switchboard upgrade ensures that the office is operating at its full potential and complies with wiring rules AS3000 and AS3008 to obtain a high level of safety and quality.

Our office fit out electrician provides office lightning refurbishments. Integration of a new office fit at the South Melbourne office out meant a modern look and breakout area which created an optimal working environment for productivity and improved staff morale.

Hire a Commercial Electrician, South Melbourne. Contact us to guarantee your workplace adheres to safe electrical environments and improve workplace offices.

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