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Bedroom Lighting Design Guide And Styles

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Bedroom Lighting Design Guide And Styles Author : orionelectricalandlightingdesignadmin
Bedroom Lighting Design Guide And Styles

Over the course of your family’s life, our bedrooms are used for all kinds of purposes. Our bedrooms might serve as an overnight sick bay for toddlers, a nursery for newborns, a relaxing haven for an afternoon nap, or a retreat for some quiet solitude. Your bedroom may have also become an accidental place to do your home business marketing – at least get your work out of bed and create a designated space to do your Instagram posts! This blog post will discuss bedroom lighting design styles. Additionally, it will also discuss bedroom lighting design services in Craigieburn. 

To enjoy your bedroom and for it to function well in the various ways we use it, consider the bedroom lighting styles you have and augment your existing lighting scheme with some clever enhancements. While designing your bedroom lighting scheme, reflect on your own personal style and what you love about your bedroom. You can then find lighting to complement and express your aesthetic preferences.

Our electrical services team can help with design ideas and installation. Read on for inspiration and ideas to consider for your bedroom lighting.

Bedroom Lighting Styles

Lamps and secondary lighting elements don’t have to always be about function. They can be a great way to give your room a style revamp and to add life to stale décor. Select a lamp to match your wallpaper – matching style elements create a sense of cohesion and calm.

Introduce metals with a chrome or bronze pendant – metals are on-trend right now, and as they can serve as a neutral colour they will complement most existing colour schemes.

You can change the entire look of your bedroom by introducing a specific style. A Moroccan Lantern, for example, adds a beautiful focal point and a completely different look to your bedroom. Be careful though – exotic designs work best on neutral backgrounds. Alternatively, crystal chandeliers add elegance and sophistication to your bedroom – complement with corresponding bedside lamps. Our electrical services available in the Craigieburn, Ivanhoe, Doncaster, Greenvale, and their surrounding suburbs can help with all installation needs.

Bedroom lighting for different purposes

Task lighting can be described as directed lighting that illuminates an area in order to specifically achieve certain tasks. Downlights in kitchens are a common example. In bedrooms we use downlights or lamps to allow us to read in bed without the need for the ceiling light to be on and keeping our partner awake under the glare of MCG-like radiance.

Mood lighting in your bedroom can be achieved with lamps, sconces, and recessed lighting. Our electric services can help you find the best lighting solutions that will grow with your family’s changing needs.

Task lighting can be created through the strategic placement of lamps or downlights that provide enough light to do your tasks, but don’t disturb your sleeping partner. Install task lamps for bedtime reading and by your dresser for your usual bedtime tasks.

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