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Design Tip: Creating The Desired Atmosphere Through Lighting

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Design Tip Creating The Desired Atmosphere Through Lighting Author : orionelectricalandlightingdesignadmin
Design Tip: Creating The Desired Atmosphere Through Lighting

There are some really effective ways to create atmosphere and mood in our homes and lighting is one of the best. You may already feel different moods as you move from space to space in your home. Take a closer look and you’ll see that the lighting of that room plays a big influence.

The kitchen, for example, is the hub of family life. Even hermit teens have to eat, so they will momentarily abandon their social media or online gaming to find food. However, if your kitchen is gloomy and dimly lit, not only will it be difficult to complete meal preparation tasks it won’t be a space that people, or your teen, will want to be in.

There are lots of ways you can enhance your existing lighting scheme. Have a look at the work our downlight installation team based in Craigieburn have completed and consider downlights to create atmosphere and drama in your home.

Different lighting to create different moods in your home

Good lighting design takes various factors into account, such as the orientation of your home to the sun, how much natural light each room gets at the different times of day, and how each room is used and by who.

You can make a statement about your home and the people who live in it by creating a dramatic, statement entrance. An appropriately lit room can create the right atmosphere to encourage specific activities – relaxed for reading or watching TV, uplifting for cooking or working, romantic for a quiet night in with your loved one.

We take a look below at how to create various moods in the different areas of your home.

Looking for romance?

Create intimacy and cosiness by using lamps and dimmers. Turn off the main ceiling light and keep lighting to the outer edges of your room. Use low wattage bulbs with warm tones.

Create a sense of elegance in your entrance hall

Create a real sense of arrival for guests to your home by starting at the entrance to your property. Line driveways and pathways with lighting and use spotlights to create shadows and shapes on select garden elements like sculptures, water features, and walls. Use plenty of downlights to highlight the front door and use the entrance hall to get really creative. Use a chandelier or modern structural piece of lighting to act as a piece of art.

Creating a relaxed and casual atmosphere through lighting

A well-lit room encourages activity and socialising. Make use of ceiling lights for general illumination and add perimeter lighting with additional downlights to achieve a bright and welcoming atmosphere in your room. Our downlight installation service will achieve great results for your home.

Inspiring kitchen hangouts

If you love cooking and baking, but your kitchen is dimly lit and gloomy, a dim kitchen doesn’t inspire you to create culinary masterpieces and family members won’t want to spend any time there. All family members gravitate to the kitchen, so make it a place they want to remain – you’ll create great memories for your family and it may even inspire them to help with the dishes.

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