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Office Lighting For Workplace Productivity

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Office Lighting For Workplace Productivity Author : orionelectricalandlightingdesignadmin
Office Lighting For Workplace Productivity

It is a fact that office lighting affects workplace productivity. However, many people may be unaware of this. This blog post will discuss ways office lighting can improve workplace productivity. It will also discuss commercial electrician  solutions for office lighting. 

The commercial building sector leads the way in setting trends for innovative office lighting for workplace productivity that allows people to live more harmoniously with their surrounding environment and promotes workplace productivity. It used to be that commercial architects designed a building with only a secondary thought being given to how people thrived, or not, in those spaces. The ‘wow’ factor was often the primary goal.

Commercial architects are now thinking much more about how people use buildings and lighting designers are having greater influence in the building design stage. Our quality electrician works with professional designers to create the best lighting solutions.

Good lighting can increase productivity and the well-being of employees. Dim lighting, on the other hand, can cause eye strain, and harsh lighting can cause headaches and migraines. Standards for workplace lighting in Australia have been enforced, proving their importance. 

We’ve been experiencing more demand for lighting solutions that promote productivity and we love being able to share these ideas with you. So if you’re in the planning stages of creating your new workspace or you want to modernise your existing one, call us today. We can help with all aspects of lighting design to ensure you create the best environment for workplace productivity.

Contrasting old and new methods of light design

It used to be that lighting in commercial, industrial, and office buildings were very uniform and uninspiring. Lighting was laid out in a grid and assumed that illumination would be evenly distributed and sufficient. It might have been adequate for a while, but then over the years the trend for partitioned spaces arrived and the stock standard grid-layout lighting no longer did its job well. Workplace health and safety standards have also evolved, and we now know better than before.

Our quality electricians have witnessed this lighting journey. Orion Electrical is proud to be able to offer the best lighting advice and installation for clients in the Craigieburn, Ivanhoe, Doncaster, and Greenvale areas, and elsewhere. We can retrofit old buildings with modern lighting to support and achieve productivity gains.

Some tips for creating healthier and more productive workplaces

  • Use a blend of lighting techniques and give employees control over their lighting. Technological advances and the Internet of Things (IoT) lets us design and interact with our lighting in really simple yet sophisticated ways.
  • Use different colour temperatures in your desk lamps to suit the time of day and changing lighting conditions.
  • Consider how lighting affects people. Humans are sensitive to subtle changes in the environment and have emotional reactions, conscious and sub-conscious, to lighting and ambience.
  • Use natural light where possible, but don’t rely on it alone. The sun’s rays infiltrate the building in different ways over the course of a day. Even the brightest space in the early morning can become a shadowed corner in the late afternoon. Add lighting solutions that enhance the available natural light.
  • Talk to us about the latest lighting trends. Organic light-emitting diode, for example, is the technology that sophisticated tablets use. As this type of lighting becomes more commonplace, its price will come down. It is gentler on the eye and more aesthetically pleasing.

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Looking for a productivity edge in your workplace? Have you thought about the effect lighting can have on your employees? Call our commercial electrician for office lighting help. We are based in Craigieburn and can be reached through 0488 204 480.

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