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Ra Solar PV System Installation Benefits

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Ra Solar PV System Installation Benefits

Ra is the name of the ancient Egyptian sun god. He is commonly portrayed as having the head of a falcon. Along with a sun disc inside a cobra that’s resting on his head. So it’s actually quite a fitting name for our Solar PV System. This blog post will discuss Solar PV System installation, particularly the Ra Solar PV System, its features and benefits.  

About the Solar PV System

This system has a size of 12.5 kilowatts (kW) and makes use of LG Solar Australia Commercial grade PV Panels. It has an SMA & TIGO Smart Optimisation system designed with a safety rapid shutdown function. Combined with both a Fronius Inverting system and Fronius Australia Smart metering, the Ra Solar PV System is really built to maximise performance while playing a huge part in saving the planet – and slashing your energy bills along the way. For these reasons, you may want to consider a solar PV system installation. 

Notable key features of the Ra Solar PV System include:

  • A rapid shutdown system to ensure maximum safety and prevent problems related to overheating or fluctuating weather conditions
  • Smart monitoring system which can be accessed from your mobile device
  • Capacity for picking up full moonlight energy during nights (it’s that powerful)
  • All-steel conduit coupled with stainless steel cable ties 
Solar PV System Benefits

Consider how a 5kW solar system should fit the average Australian home’s energy usage easily, allowing households to save as much as $1700 each year. So imagine how much more could be done with a Ra Solar PV System installation.  

Our team at Orion is passionate about helping families take the solar route and letting them reap the rewards of it. This includes both financially and with regards to the environment. Did you know that lighting can actually take up 8 to 15 per cent of the average household’s electricity bill? Hence it’s safe to say that installing an off grid solar system in this day and age is a worthwhile investment.

Ready For A Solar PV System Installation? Contact Us

There are many benefits to a Solar PV System installation. In fact, around 20% of households in Victoria have already installed solar systems to help bring down energy costs. Would you like to get one for your home? Feel free to contact us on 0488 204 480 and an Orion electrical contractor will be readily available to discuss options with you. Also know that Orion is a member of the Clean Energy Council, and our solar installation services have been approved and accredited by them.

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