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Smart Lighting Design Installation in Craigieburn

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Blog 05 Author : orionelectricalandlightingdesignadmin
Smart Lighting Design Installation in Craigieburn

As people begin to realise the effects of lighting on our energy use, new technologies are becoming used in homes. A huge 19% of energy use in the world is used for lighting, smart lighting design is the latest innovation which was designed specifically for energy efficiency. So what is smart lighting and what are its benefits?

Smart lighting design adapts the light’s intensity based on various factors such as the natural light and daylight available and whether somebody is in the room. This not only saves light but it also means less worry if you leave a light on unattended. This integrated system means that your whole house is communicated and can adapt to its environment whilst creating mood lighting when needed.

Besides its aesthetic quality, the main benefit of smart lighting in your home is its energy efficiency. By giving householders the power to control lighting, heating, cooling and even appliances, minimises energy use. The sensors that are used within smart lighting serve to reduce energy consumption and can dim lights or switch on and off based on occupancy in a room.

Smart lighting uses natural light to reduce man-made lighting, this helps to save energy that would otherwise be wasted by forgetting to switch lights off. Another one of its benefits is its connectivity with the rest of the house. A smart lighting system allows devices such as home security and cameras to connect with lighting controls, creating an overall smarter household. 

At Orion, we offer lighting design as well as electrical services. We have designed the amazing Peguss System for homes.Our experienced licensed electricians understand that to make a good team you should communicate, communicate, communicate. This is what we have aimed to reflect with our Pegusses system which connects and allows you to control the whole house. The team at Orion Electrical & Lighting Design makes CCTV systems, alarm systems and lighting control all communicate with each other. This smart lighting automation that we have designed creates a high level of security, control and luxury. 

Our pegusses system uses your fingerprint to lock and set alarms. Also, turns off your lighting system or even control lighting when you’re not home. 

If you’re wanting a safe, efficient and luxurious household through smart lighting automation, contact us at Orion Electrical & Lighting Design or 0488 204 480 to learn more about our Pegusses smart lighting system or other lighting design for your home. On a side note, we are 24 Hour Electrician in Melbourne and emergency electricians providing you with reliable immediate services

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