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Solar Installation in Greenvale

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Solar Installation in Greenvale

Being environmentally responsible has become more important than ever. While you may already be familiar with daily activities such as recycling and zero-waste practices, another way to make your lifestyle more sustainable and environmentally-friendly would be to install solar panels in your homes. Solar panels absorb sunlight and convert it into energy that can be used to power household appliances, which significantly reduces electricity use. According to the data collected by the federal government, electricity is the largest source of Australian greenhouse emissions. By opting to install a 5kW solar power system, you will generate 20kWh per day and subsequently save around 6.5 tonnes of carbon emissions a year. As such, you can significantly offset your personal carbon emissions by saving electricity and installing solar panels instead.

Aside from its environmental benefits, choosing to install a 5kW solar system can save thousands per year in electricity bills. The wonderful thing about installing solar panels in your home and relying on solar energy as your main source of power is that the money you save from solar installation will eventually surpass the price of the installation itself. This means that you will end up saving more money in the long run, and your 5kW solar power system will eventually pay for itself. When you decide to install solar panels with Orion, we will offer you a free consultation and provide you with estimates on costs, so that you can begin to make your money back with your cost-effective and energy-efficient investment.  

Recently, our electricians were called in for a solar installation in Greenvale. As a member of the Clean Energy Council, who have approved and accredited our solar installation services, you can be confident that your solar installation will be carried out safely, with ease and with high quality when you hire Orion for our services. Now, our client has joined the growing number of Victorian households who have already switched to solar systems and will start to save on their electricity bill whilst doing their part to reduce their greenhouse footprint. 

Our trained electricians began the solar installation in Greenvale process by switching out the switchboards to be more compatible without 5kW solar system. Each switch corresponds to the household appliances within the house that will be powered by the 5kW solar system. We labelled each switch clearly so that our client could navigate the panel with ease and convenience. 

Our team of dedicated and licensed contractors and certified electricians will ensure that our services match industry standards. We will assess your household energy requirements and provide you with the most suitable installation option. At Orion, we will supply, install, repair, service and design your 5kW solar system and guarantee an easy and streamlined process throughout. With our solar installation services, you will be able to start reducing your energy consumption by 80% – not only will you be reducing your household electricity bills and improving energy efficiency, you will also be positively impacting the environment by reducing your reliance on carbon and fossil fuels, thus significantly reducing your greenhouse footprint in the long term.

What are you waiting for? Please visit this page or contact us on 0488 204 480 for more information on our 5kW Solar Power Installation services and the Solar Installation in Greenvale or to organize a free consultation with our helpful electricians. 

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