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The Importance Of Having An Emergency Electrician Upgrade Your Switchboard

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The Importance Of Having An Emergency Electrician Upgrade Your Switchboard
Why Get A Switchboard Upgrade?

Your switchboard is the main controller for your property’s electrical system. At some point you will need to upgrade it. Switchboards need to be upgraded to keep up with new technology or to prevent them from becoming too worn down. Our emergency electrician can not just upgrade your switchboard. They can also provide a wide range of maintenance services to ensure your switchboard is operating at 100% efficiency. You might have imagined an emergency electrician deals with situations where electrical systems have malfunctioned, but prevention is also part of an emergency electrician’s job. Thus, having an emergency electrician perform a switchboard upgrade is important. 

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Reasons You Should Get An Emergency Electrician To Upgrade Your Switchboard

Our licensed electrician recently solved a switchboard issue that was reported through a burning wire smell from their switchboard. He was able to thoroughly inspect the system and determined that this came about because the switchboard was overheating. As a result of this, our electrician replaced the old switchboard that was overheating with a new commercial, high quality switchboard from Orion. Our after-hours electrician also undertook an inspection overnight to ensure that the switchboard was operating effectively and that it would be working the next morning.

Our switchboard inspection process involves our electrician undertaking a visual inspection, a circuit breaker check, a switch check, a fuse check, a wiring check and an insulation resistance test. These pictures below show the parts that are not functioning as they should, a report is then written detailing the findings of the switchboard upgrade. 

The new switchboard we installed has a more sophisticated cabling system compared to the old one, which reduces the chances of the system overheating and failing. 

Light or power point switching on and off

Improperly wired cables are a major cause of this. Another cause is the fact that your switchboard cannot handle the power output of your property. Our electrician can perform a system check for your switchboard if this problem is occurring.

Fusing of the system

Similar to above, this occurs when your system cannot handle the power output, leading to the system overheating and eventually blowing the fuse. This can lead to a complete power shutdown and nobody wants that. Our after hours electrician can come at any time of the day to your home to prevent your switchboard from fusing constantly.

Not monitoring your switchboard enough

A lot of individuals do not check their switchboard as much as they should. This can easily lead to problems developing over time that escape their notice. This is why it’s important to constantly monitor your switchboard to see how it is operating. Furthermore, you need to find out if there are any issues with it that must be addressed immediately. This is especially if you own an old switchboard. Our emergency electricians can come over at any time of the day to inspect your switchboard to ensure that it is operating to the best of its ability without any signs of faultiness.

Need A Switchboard Upgrade? Contact us today!

Are you experiencing problems with your switchboard and need an electrician to take a look at it? It is not just incredibly important to be vigilant of your switchboard, but also to give it regular maintenance. This is why potentially having an emergency electrician upgrade your switchboard is crucial. Contact the team at Orion Electrical and Lighting Designs today at 0488 204 480.

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