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What is a Professional Garden Lights Installation?

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Garden Lighting Author : orionelectricalandlightingdesignadmin
What is a Professional Garden Lights Installation?

Adding lighting to the exterior of you home, particularly your garden can help to reinvigorate your outdoor spaces. Many people tend to avoid their outdoor areas once it gets dark outside, opting instead to sit indoors and watch television or lazy around on their computer. With the average sunset estimated to fall between 5 and 7 pm in Australia, a lot of workers miss the opportunity to indulge in their outdoor living space during the week. A professional garden lights installation can help you to rediscover the beauty of being outside in no time.

Some people choose to complete the garden lights installation by themselves. If you are considering completing a garden lights installation by yourself, you should read further. This blog post will discuss the process of completing a garden lights installation. We will also explain why we recommend a professional garden lights installation.

Adding garden lights to the front and/or rear of you home can also boost your sense of safety. Walking in the dark can quickly make anyone feel vulnerable. However, by adding extra lighting to your driveway, front yard and backyard you and your family are sure to feel safe at anytime of the night.

Can I Install my Own Garden Lights?

If you are planning on using low-voltage instead of high-voltage lighting wires then you will not require an electrical license to install your own garden lights. However, we would recommend contacting one of our highly qualified electricians instead of taking on the project yourself. A professional electrician may seem like a costly alternative to a DIY project, but there are many things that could easily go wrong while installing garden lights.

Things to Consider Before Completing your Own Garden Light Install:

Here are some things to consider before commencing your garden light installation project by yourself;

Abide by Laws and Regulations – You need to ensure that your installation complies with all local laws and applicable standards, before you commence work. It is good to check your local zoning requirements for outdoor lighting and follow the guidelines carefully. 

Safety First – You will be solely in charge of the safety protocols of your installation. Any deviation to safety protocols could result in serious injury. This can either occur while completing the installation or afterwards if you accidentally dig into your wiring during maintenance. It is imperative that you ensure your safety first and foremost. I.e. Lay the wires deep enough underground and make sure you turn off the main power supply before connecting any wires. Otherwise you risk being electrocuted.

Acquire appropriate equipment and knowledge – You will need to research and acquire all of the appropriate equipment and knowledge for the project before you begin. I.e. You will most likely require a soldering iron or butane gas torch and the ability to solder. It is also extremely important that all of your equipment is waterproof and able to withstand the elements. Otherwise it could be even costlier.

Plan, Plan and Plan – Having a clear and concise lighting design will help to ensure that you have enough wiring for the project. The plan should also indicate where you will need to place all of your conduits and mounts. Without a clear plan you open yourself up to making a number of mistakes.

Hiring a professional:

As you can see, installing your own garden lights can be an extremely costly, tedious and dangerous undertaking. Our electricians recently installed some new garden spotlights for a client. 

The professional Orion electricians we able to safely and efficiently integrate heavy duty conduits into the lighting system in order to ensure that the lights would run with a high level of proficiency for a long time to come. If you have a look at the image below, you can see how complicated the wiring of this system was. It is fortunate that our professionals were proficient at keeping the wires neat, tidy and, most of all, safe.

This project would have been extremely difficult for an inexperienced individual to complete. In the long run our client saved themselves a lot of time, money and effort on this project by contacting us. 

Now that the electrical work is complete and the outdoor area is prepped, those garden boxes are ready to be filled. 

Are your outdoor areas in need of a garden light install? Do require a professionals assistance with realising your plan? Call Orion Electrical and Lighting today on 0488 204 480 for your professional garden lights installation and detailed lighting advice.

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