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Why You Should Come To Us For a Reliable Licensed Electrician

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Blog 06 Author : orionelectricalandlightingdesignadmin
Why You Should Come To Us For a Reliable Licensed Electrician

It can be difficult determining or even discovering a quality electrician. If you would like to do some further reading on how to spot a quality electrical contractor, you can read more about it here. This blog post will discuss why we are a good option for quality commercial and residential electrician services. We are an especially great option if you are looking for a reliable licensed electrician based in Craigieburn. 

Why Orion Electrical and Lighting Design?

At Orion Electrical and Lighting Design, we pride ourselves in the quality and conscientiousness we constantly deliver in our services. Moreover, we are a team of experienced licensed electricians specialised in electrical services as well as lighting design based in Craigieburn. We can promise that every job we complete will be of the highest quality. Moreover, we are proud of our attention to detail and organisation. This is a result of our years of experience and diligence. We take our electrical work very seriously. 

Additionally, we guarantee consistent high quality electrical work and customer service. Our Lifetime Warranty on our labour is proof of this. In the unlikely event of defects or poor service, you will be compensated with the warranty. You will see that we care deeply for the needs of our customers. Furthermore, we also offer after hours and 24 hour electrician services for busy people and emergencies which can, unfortunately, occur outside of anybody’s control. 

For further proof of our reliability, we fully comply with the latest Australian standards for electrical installation work. To be more specific, the standards we follow and comply are the AS 3000 and AS 3008 for electrical installations and wiring. 

It is incredibly important for every household to be able to turn to a reliable licensed electrician. Orion Electrical and Lighting Design offers excellent residential electrician services which are available 24 hours. We will assure the safety and efficiency of your home’s electricity and lighting design needs.  

In addition to our residential electrician services, we also offer commercial electrician services. If you are a business owner in search of energy efficient, high quality and affordable electrical work for your office, you can turn to us! On the other hand, if you would like to optimise your office’s lighting for productivity and sustainability, we are also very experienced in commercial lighting design. 

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Whether it is a sudden outage, an old switchboard in need of an upgrade, an office fit out or a custom lights installation, we are ready to provide with the most effective electrical solutions. We offer reliable licensed electrician services in Craigieburn and other Melbourne suburbs. Please feel free to contact us on 0488 204 480

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