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Blog 07

How To Do A Ceiling Fan Light Installation

In Orion, lighting is not just about making sure your house can be lit up properly at night. We know the importance of lighting design and how the right design can work wonders for the overall atmosphere of your space. We understand the aesthetics of lighting. Ceiling fan lights are an excellent choice if you […]

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Ra Solar

Ra Solar PV System Installation Benefits

Ra is the name of the ancient Egyptian sun god. He is commonly portrayed as having the head of a falcon. Along with a sun disc inside a cobra that’s resting on his head. So it’s actually quite a fitting name for our Solar PV System. This blog post will discuss Solar PV System installation, […]

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Switch Board

The Importance Of Having An Emergency Electrician Upgrade Your Switchboard

Why Get A Switchboard Upgrade? Your switchboard is the main controller for your property’s electrical system. At some point you will need to upgrade it. Switchboards need to be upgraded to keep up with new technology or to prevent them from becoming too worn down. Our emergency electrician can not just upgrade your switchboard. They can […]

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Garden Lighting

What is a Professional Garden Lights Installation?

Adding lighting to the exterior of you home, particularly your garden can help to reinvigorate your outdoor spaces. Many people tend to avoid their outdoor areas once it gets dark outside, opting instead to sit indoors and watch television or lazy around on their computer. With the average sunset estimated to fall between 5 and […]

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